KOMATECH is specialized in a mobile antenna development and manufacturing. We have been successfully doing various projects with our global partners for many years. In keeping with rapidly changing antenna technology, we are also aggressively investing in facilities and resources, which is our top priority.

LMALaser Manufacturing Antenna
LMA is the most advanced antenna technology that can achieve cost savings while ensuring optimal performance. The antenna pattern is formed by plating a special conductive liquid, which is patented, on a Poly Carbonate structure. Many of global makers for mobile industry have been using LMA for their innovative devices.
SIMASingle Insert Mold Antenna
SIMA is an advanced antenna technology that can be easily applied to smart phones or mobile devices with 3D or thin structure. By using insert injection technology, SUS antenna pattern is placed on PC structure to ensure stable performance.
DIMADouble Insert Mold Antenna
DIMA is a new type of antenna developed by SIMA. If you add a thin PC, the antenna pattern becomes invisible and the antenna itself can become the housing of the device. In this way, partners can expect the cost reduction and efficiency in manufacturing.
NFCNear Field Communication
NFC is being used in a variety of ways with the emergence of smartphones such as mobile payment, transportation cards, and IoT. KOMATECH is continuing to develop and manufacture the antennas that are essential for this NFC technology implementation. We also have a wide range of test equipment that is fully compatible with the international standards used in Europe and North America. This has helped us to achieve the most stable performance within a limited development period.
Wireless Charging Antenna
We have been developing and producing a combo type antenna that combines NFC and wireless charging. Each one of them is optimized and tuned for its best performance.


Wireless charging is a revolutionary technology in the mobile industry. We have been investing and researching wireless charging since 2011. In addition to developing B2C products, we are also working with various companies in B2B application fields. At this moment, we are doing our best to realize the future environment in which electricity is simply transferred without cables, not just for charging.

Certifications & Licenses

All products of KOMATECH meet various safety certification and standards. FCC, CE, RoHS, KC, and so on, which makes a product safe for consumers to use.


smapp KOMATECH is a partner of SMAPP since 2012. All wireless charging accessories are manufactured and managed according to Samsung Electronics quality standards.

Apple MFi

MFi KOMATECH has been working on this MFi program since 2013. We have various of experiences in regards to developing and manufacturing MFi accessories.