Press Release

Freedy Joins Hands With Media Sell Corporation in Japan to Expand Its Brand in Japan!

On December 7th, 2017, Komatech, Freedy’s mother company, signed an agreement with Media Sell Corporation headquartered in Osaka, Japan on the distribution of Freedy wireless charging products nationwide in Japan. 


Established in 1984, Media Sell Corporation (hereinafter called “MSC”)’s capabilities dwell in its long-term distribution businesses, holding several thousands of sales channels, including telecommunication carriers, Apple Store, APRs and nationwide retail stores such as BIC Camera. Starting with EA1702, Freedy’s 15W fast wireless charger, MSC made its first sale of Freedy products on January 18th. 


Freedy wireless chargers are available in every major retail stores in Japan. For more information, please visit MSC website at